Monday, May 6, 2013

6x1 Project Ratings!

1. Crowdsourcing II: This was my favorite because everyone gave it a lot of effort and it just turned out extraordinary.  I also might have one a free pass to Cucalorus through it!  But this was just amazing and it was even cooler seeing the final project after it was all done with.
2. Rhythmic Editing: Even though my footage got messed up due to failure to close pressure plate what I did end up getting to work with was awesome.  The rhythm of the edit is what I enjoyed the most and something completely new to me.
3. Cameraless: Being in a digital age and actually having film in my hands took me back to the roots of what it is we are doing here.  It gave me a new found appreciation for experimental filmmaking.
4. Animation - Animation isn't really my thing but it was a great time.
4. Crowdsourcing Long Take -This was one of the first filmed projects and so we were just getting our feet wet with the class.
5. Bolex Long Take - I wasn't able to make this assignment and as such I didn't get the experience with it like the rest of the class :(

Rough Theatre

An experience I can recall that I would label rough theatre would be when I was at the Occupy Wall Street Protests and all of the people in Zucotti Park beating drums and dancing.  It was a very primal experience and seemed to be almost organic.  The people just kind of kept coming and going and dancing and leaving around a stationary group of drummers.  The music kind of infected everyone around and there was an energy there that I had never experienced before.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Reflections on Crowdwourcing

After viewing multiple crowdsourcing examples in class I have gained a new respect for the creativity that goes into such projects.  It becomes kind of fascinating when a piece of art comes out of a kind of collective consciousness.  What is the most appealing about it is the imperfection involved in the art itself.  Nobody can control what any other person is going to do so there is absolutely no way of knowing what the final product is going to take the shape of.

Neubauer Response

The thing that I noticed initially with this piece was how the images onscreen were dancing with the music.  The faster and more upbeat the music was the more erratic and colorful the images became with the various songs being played.  The images often transitioned from a bright to just a black background with dots and lines.  One thing I found myself wondering while viewing this piece were what some of the images were.  Some things that came to mind were blood, DNA strands, hair, etc.  This got me wondering what the filmmaker was thinking about when he created this particular film.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Acoustic Ecology

What was so interesting to me about the Acoustic Ecology article was that while I read it my window was open and all I could hear were cars riding up and down the road.  It had never really occurred to me how much human interaction has interfered with the natural sounds of the world.  It is inspiring to know that some national parks are taking steps to limit this intrusion.  Taking sound a step further I think that the “noise” of life has detached us so far from our primal selves that we have lost who we are biologically.  We are not the hunter-gatherer type people anymore but slaves to the developing world around us.  When I was reading about the effects of underwater sounds on the wildlife it literally turned my stomach and made me wonder when is this going to stop?  When are we as humanity going to see that we are just running in circles and doing more damage than good?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Crowdsourcing ultimately seems like a great concept that is helping a lot of people.  Without crowdsourcing we would not have access to the insanely useful and informative wikipedia.  Crowdfunding has also provided a great route for independent fillmmakers as well as artists from all of the world to be able to achieve their goals and dreams.  Collaboration through the internet is bringing people together that would otherwise be kept apart.  The cloud filmmaking was a great example of how crowdsourcing is serving to reach out to people in numerous ways.  As more people gain access to the internet this has the opportunity to revolutionize the way many of us work and create.  There are still many cons to crowdsourcing as well and it runs the risk of oversaturation and leeches.  Hopefully through time as people increase their collaborations the kinks will be worked out of this amazing system.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Synesthesia and Cymatics

The interesting aspect of synesthesia in art is how different artists with this condition operate and experience the world.  Even people that do not have the condition can still experience in some ways if specific artworks will accommodate and explore this particular field.  When I begin to think about the relations of painting and music when it comes to the visuals they can involuntarily produce within in a person it literally blows my mind.  Cymatics made me think even further about the vibrations made by sound.  Although we can’t see sound it indeed has an unseen form.  When observing these sounds people are gaining deeper understanding of the natural world, even animals speech.  Through various machines we are able to see the forms that various sounds give off giving an entire new dimension to sound.  Cymatics may have even had a hand in the formation of the universe and if that doesn’t blow your mind I don’t know what will.